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Orleans Yacht Club (OYC) Racing Programs


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OYC Sailing and Racing Fleets

OYC adult and junior sailing instruction uses the club owned Precision 15, Catalina Capri 14.5, Daysailers, and the Junior Sailing Program (JSP) sailing instruction also uses the club owned Optimist, and Club 420 class boats.

Junior Sailing Program (JSP) Racing

On most Thursdays the JSP hosts recreational racing in all classes of boats used in instructions. Participants must have achieved sufficient proficiency in sailing and have approval to race from the JSP Director.

For younger sailors the JSP offers a racing instruction program sailing the Optimist (Opti for short) class boats. The Opti racing group may participate as a group in regattas outside OYC with interest from sailors (and permission of parents).

The JSP racing instruction and JSP race team sail the Club 420 (C420) class boats. The C420 is a more ruggedly built (and a bit heavier) version on the International 420 (I420) class boat. The I420 is a 420 cm (just under 14 foot) boat sailed in national and international competition including the Olympics.

Adult Racing

The OYC Adult Sailing Program (ASP) instructors have encouraged sailors in the instructional program to race the Precision 15 boats on Sundays as a separate class. There have been no takers so far. Sailors have learned to sail in the ASP and gone on to crew and even skipper in the Daysailer races.

OYC members have a number of boats that could be raced on Sundays but so far there is no critical mass (at least three willing to sail regularly) except in the daysailer class which have sailed at OYC for many decades (since 1962). Some of the other boats OYC members own include sunfish, laser, and flying scott.

For now the only adult racing is the full summer daysailer club series and club championship racing, the OYC Daysailer Regatta in July, and the OYC Yankee Duo Regatta (sunfish class) in September.

All One-Design Classes Raced at OYC

Precision 15
The Precision 15 is a good learning boat. It is beamy with a small sail plan so not easily capsized. The Precision 15 is used in JSP and ASP instruction. On Thursdays JSP sailors can race Precision 15 in recreational racing. ASP sailors have been encouraged to race Precision 15 on Sundays on the same course as Daysailers but as a separate class with staggered starts.
Catalina Capri 14.5 (Junior)
The Capri 14.5 built by Catalina is good learning boat. It is also beamy and has a small sail plan, though larger per boat displacement than the Precision 15. The Capri 14.5 is smaller than the Precision 15 and preferred by most JSP sailors. The Precision 15 is more roomy and easier to move around on so preferred by most ASP sailors. On Thursdays JSP sailors can race Capri 14.5 in recreational racing.
Optimist (Junior)
The Optimist (Opti) is a very small boat intended as a learning boat for children. The Opti us just under 8 feet and under 80 lbs. It is intended to be sailed by one person up to age 15. On Thursdays young JSP sailors can race Opti in recreational racing. OYC JSP has an Opti racing class which will teach younger sailors racing techniques and participate in regattas at other clubs with interest among sailors and permission of parents.
Club 420 (Junior)
The Club 420 (C420) are used in the OYC racing class (for older junior sailors or exceptionally good young junior sailors) and sailed by the JSP race team in OYC's Outer Cape Invitational Regatta and in regattas at other clubs.
Daysailer (Adult)
OYC members who own a daysailer may race for free in the club series races on Sunday afternoons and participate in the OYC Daysailer Club Championship. OYC members who do not own a daysailer but are qualified by the ASP to sail one, can borrow the club owned daysailer and race on Sundays. The OYC Daysailer Regatta, run in July, is open to all sailors with a daysailer.
Sunfish (Adult)
In September OYC host the Yankee Duo Regatta. This is run as two one day sunfish regattas with a discount to register for both. The Yankee Duo Regatta is open to all sailors with a sunfish. Attempts to get critical mass for a sunfish class at OYC summer club race series has so far been unsuccessful.