2018 Daysailer Regatta Photo

OYC Daysailer Regatta


39 Cove Road
Orleans, MA   02653

N 41° 47.273'   W 069° 59.123'

OYC Daysailer Regatta

The OYC Daysailer Regatta is usually sailed in mid July, depending on the schedule of other regattas within the daysailer New England region and as the name implies is a one-design regatta racing only daysailers. The NOR and SI are available through the OYC Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions web page.

About the OYC Daysailer Regatta

The OYC Daysailer Regatta is held on a Saturday at the request of off cape sailors who cite the traffic driving home from Cape Cod on a mid-summer Sunday as a reason to avoid Sunday. The regatta is typically more than half sailors who live or summer on Cape Cod and a bit under half sailors from off cape. Among the off cape sailors some stay overnight on Friday night and a few drive up very early on Saturday morning. Though OYC members have offered to house regatta participants from off-cape or provide parking for trailers, few sailors take us up on it. In the last few years the OYC Daysailer Regatta has drawn nine or ten racers.

The goal of the OYC Daysailer Regatta is to have a day of competitive but fun and inexpensive racing. The regatta is manned entirely by OYC volunteer, both on the water and on shore. The food committee volunteers make homemade side dishes and deserts and set up the breakfast and lunch buffet and set up the awards fruit platter and desserts. Lunch is primarily cold cuts and homemade side dishes and desserts but some effort is made to provide vegetarian and vegan options and accomodate any food preferences or sensitivities either stated on the entry forms or otherwise communicated to the organizers.

The regatta aims to break even after purchasing awards and food or make slight gain to offset the possibility of a year with lower attendance or a weather related or other cancellation. Early registration is strongly encouraged so we know how much food to plan for.

Brief History

Daysailer Fleet 15 was founded in 1962. A very informal OYC Daysailer Regatta started out being called the OYC Invitational Daysailer Regatta as other sailors met in competition were invited to race at OYC, with an order for sandwiches placed in the morning for lunch. No one is entirely sure when this tradition started or who won as no plaque exists, no trophies were awarded, and no records were kept.

The tradition died for a number of year and was successfully resurrected in 2016 as the OYC Daysailer Regatta. The regatta was resurrected, this time with a small fee to cover costs, a breakfast, lunch, and simple awards. We are working on getting a plaque which we hope to be home made but professional quality woodwork.

2016-2019 OYC Daysailer Regatta

In 2016 Chatham sisters Natalie Coleman-Fuller and Allison Coleman took first place. Mike McCaffrey and Carl Dickson took second place and Ted Dickson and daughter Katie Dickson took third.

In 2017 husband and wife Ted Dickson and Melissa Dickson dominated with five firsts in the five races. Dave Penfield and Carol Yavetz took second. Natalie Coleman-Fuller and Allison Coleman took third. The Southern Massachusetts Sailing Association Daysailer perpetual trophy was awarded at this regatta.

The 2018 OYC Daysailer Regatta was designated as the New England Daysailer Championship. In 2018 again Natalie Coleman-Fuller and Allison Coleman took first, scoring three firsts and tossing a second. Ted Dickson and Meredith Dart took second. Mike McCaffrey and Suzanne Boohar took third. Mike was disappointed but made up for it just over a week later winning the 2018 North American Championship Regatta.

In 2019 five races were run. For the third year Natalie Coleman-Fuller and Allison Coleman took first, this year with three firsts, a second, and tossing a fifth. Ted Dickson and Meredith Dart took second with three seconds, a third, and tossing a fifth. Bob Lemaire and Marc Lemaire took third, with a first, a third, two fourths, and tossing a fourth.

2020 and 2021 Regatta Cancellation

Due to concerns over the spread of covid-19 over these summers the regatta for each of these years was cancelled.

2022 OYC Daysailer Regatta

The OYC Daysailer Regatta regatta will be held on July 16, 2022. The Daysailer New England Region VP and the Daysailer Association have yet to be notified. This regatta should be listed on the Daysailer Association Regatta web page at some point. The OYC Notice of Race (NOR) and Sailing Instruction (SI) web page has links to the NOR, SI, and Entry Form (there is a link to the Entry Form in the NOR).